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Factors That Influence Successful Retail ERP Systems

ERP system has evolved successfully through the last two decades and has emerged as one of the most essential ingredients of an organization. However, in order to enable organization, make the most out of it, it is important that adequate retail ERP systems is done following the approaches mentioned below and keeping in mind some of the most important factors.

Management support and confidence

It is one of the most important factors which determine the success of its implementation. For every organization to effectively install the system, they have to contribute their valuable time and effort into it. The support and confidence of management about installation can be gained only after going through following steps;

  1. Cost vs benefit analysis
  2. Favorable return on investment

Once the cost of purchasing and ERP implementation is considered, the next most important thing to consider is keep in mind the maintenance cost of the system. Also, one should ensure that best ERP product from the market is made such that it can favor working of an organization and also enable them effectively conduct the business.

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One team

Once the kind of ERP has been decided, the next most important thing to do is look for a committee who shall drive the whole process of installation. It is essential that the team should have proper representation from the management and contacts should be established with different vendors to get associated to the project. For an ERP project, it is important to have different vendors like;

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Network and operating system

A good steering committee is the one, which looks into the coordination of the project. The “one team” also plays an important role in forming schedule, budget and scope of the ERP implementation project. The project should also be broken down into different phases and work break down structures.

Business process engineering or re-engineering

The ERP system to be purchased from the market should be configured to the workplace and also as per expectation of the users. In order to understand the requirement of the system, a well-coordinated effort has to be done along with the assistance of functional consultant and business process specialist. The requirements once listed can be communicated to the vendor and according implementation and choice of system can be made. Once the process of installation at work place begins, it is important for the business owner to ensure that adequate training is provided to the professionals such that they can appropriately work on the system.