Protecting Your Foreign Workers with a Reliable Health Insurance in Singapore

Do you have a foreign worker in your home or business that you want to provide with great benefits, such as health insurance? According to the Ministry of Manpower, it’s mandatory for every business with workers who have a Work Permit or S-Pass to have health insurance. In other words, you’ll need to purchase these for them. Health insurance in Singapore for foreigners are an essential for every business. Click here to learn more. If you want to protect your workers from financial problems if they get sick, G&M is here to help you out. Let’s talk about health insurance for foreign workers here.

The Coverage Requirements for FDW or Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will require you to purchase medical and personal accident insurance for your workers. At the same time, you’ll need to give a security bond to them. It should be a Medical Insurance coverage of at least $15,000 per year for hospitalization and surgery, a PAI with a sum of $60,000, and a security bond worth $5,000 for Non-Malaysian workers. Since these requirements are compulsory, all domestic helper insurance policies will cover them. If you have a two-year contract with your helper, you can purchase a 26-month plan to save at least 30% on expenses each year.

The Different Areas of Coverage of FDW

The coverage of the FDW insurance largely depends on the insurance agencies since they offer different benefits with minimal requirements. Thus, they will also charge differently. But most of the time, they will provide both medical and administrative expenses. Some of these are coverage for hospitalization, surgical expenses, repatriation cost, personal liability protection, and medical & dental coverage. Some insurers may offer additional coverage, such as wage compensation, third-party liability, and theft. It depends on the insurance agency that you choose, as long as you follow the requirements stated by the Ministry of Manpower.

Things that Some Insurers Don’t Cover

It’s important that you ask the domestic worker about their pre-existing conditions before hiring them since the insurance policies won’t just cover any condition. So they might exclude certain medical conditions or any pre-existing conditions and illnesses. Don’t worry since employment agencies require foreign domestic workers to disclose their health conditions for the employers to be aware. Some things that insurers will exclude from the policy are alcohol & drug addiction, contraception, pre-existing conditions, nursing care, psychiatric illnesses, cosmetic surgery, braces & prosthetic devices, STD treatment, pregnancy, and routine dental care.

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