Choosing Sea Burial

The practice of sea burial, or the scattering of ashes in open waters, has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the United States alone, over 70% of dedicated burial services now offer sea burials. This trend is driven by a range of factors, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the desire to preserve the environment.

  1. Cost Effectiveness:

Sea burials are often more cost-effective than traditional land-based burials. This is because individuals are not required to purchase a burial plot or casket, nor are they required to pay for an expensive funeral service.

  1. Ease of Arrangement:

Sea burials are often easier to arrange than traditional land-based burials. Since there is no need to purchase a burial plot or casket, individuals can arrange for a sea burial with a single phone call or Click here to learn more about sea burial in Singapore.

  1. Environmentally Friendly:

Many people are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of traditional burials. Sea burials, on the other hand, are much more sustainable, as they do not require the use of land or resources.

  1. Sense of Adventure:

The idea of having your remains scattered in the ocean evokes a sense of adventure. It’s a way to enjoy one last journey and explore the depths of the world’s oceans. The vastness and beauty of the world’s oceans can provide a peaceful and calming final resting place. It’s a way to become part of something larger than ourselves and experience a sense of eternity.

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  1. Greater Flexibility:

Sea burials offer a greater degree of flexibility than traditional land-based burials. Unlike traditional burials, individuals can choose to have their ashes scattered in any body of water, whether it be a lake, river, or ocean.

  1. Connects to Nature:

They are a way to connect to nature and the environment. They offer a way to feel connected to the natural world and to become one with the ocean. Burials at sea offer a unique and meaningful way to honour the life of a loved one. The ocean embodies a sense of peace and tranquillity, allowing for a respectful and natural release. The burial can be tailored to reflect the life of the person being laid to rest. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as the family desires.

  1. Personal Preference:

People choose sea burials because it is their personal preference. The decision to have a sea burial is ultimately an individual one, based on what the person wants for their final resting place.


Sea burials are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a range of benefits over traditional land-based burials. The decision to have a sea burial is a personal one, based on the individual’s wishes for their final resting place.

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